Encouraging developments in The Nordic Catholic Church in Europe

Ordinations to the priesthood in Germany, 13th August


On 13th August, in Ebenweiler, Baden-Würtemberg, Daniel Gerte and Klaus Klein were ordained to the priesthood in the presence of parishioners, family and friends as well as clergy and other guests from The Nordic Catholic Church in Germany, Norway, Sweden, France and Italy. – Reportage and pictures from the three days’ event are available here and on the German website.

Ordinations to the priesthood in England, 3rd September


In Lincolnshire, on 3rd September, Bishop Roald Nikolai formally received the first five priests into the Nordic Catholic Church in a Service of Incardination. The form of this Service included Conditional Ordination, but in such a manner as to be both appropriate within, and approved by, the Union of Scranton. This specially constructed Rite took place in the presence of the Prime Bishop of the Union of Scranton, The Most Reverend Anthony Mikovsky. Three Anglican priests were conditionally ordained; and two, from other denominations, were ordained absolutely. – Pictures from the celebration are available via this link. A further reportage by the NCC UK Administration is published on the UK site here.

Baptism and confirmations in France, 18th September


On 18th September, in the parish of Sainte-Marie in Ferrières at the foot of the Pyrénées, a young girl was baptised and five youngsters confirmed, surrounded by parishioners, family and friends who also joined the generous reception after the mass. – More pictures from the ceremony are available here.

Clergy meeting in Germany – Positioning for the future, 4-6th November


During the first weekend of November, the German clergy gathered with Bishop Roald Nikolai in Dachau for deliberations about the organisational structure of the Nordic Catholic Church in Germany. It was a constructive and motivating meeting covering a wide range of topics including a an analysis of eucharistic ecclesiology as foundation for NCC’s work in Europe and a programme for adult education. – A brief reportage from the meeting and more pictures are available on the German website.