The Key is “Divine Mercy”

Divine Mercy Sunday

John 20,19-31

Preaching in England about the joy of Christ’s resurrection was never easy. It was made difficult because some in the pews really believed in reincarnation or had home spun ideas that bore resemblance to TV’s Startrek. Readers of Sunday newspapers would be aware that some bishops were saying that the resurrection was symbolism and myth.

The Myrrh Bearers, [Unanimous, End of XV Century, Public Domain]

The New Testament writers make their position perfectly plain that the triumph of Jesus after his terrible death was not a magical illusion, not an hallucination or a cobbled together myth, but a reality that had been witnessed and touched by ordinary folk. The eyewitnesses themselves had all the normal human reactions, they were surprised, frightened without knowing what to do next, but in great numbers they were prepared to stand up and be counted as true believers in these events which became the foundation of a new age of religious life. From the birth of Jesus to his resurrection, these men and women had seen the key to “Divine Mercy,” great gifts signifying the loving kindness of God. Pope St John Paul II had taken these words “Divine Mercy” from St Augustine’s Easter sermon, giving a name for this special Sunday, “think of God’s great mercy! We may give bread and charity to the hungry, but God gives us unworthy servants the gift of his salvation.” [Augustine Sermon 116]

Press Release concerning The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson

The leaders of the Nordic Catholic Church (NCC) were saddened to hear of the negative response to a paper given by The Reverend Father Calvin Robinson, at the “Mere Anglicanism Conference” held in Charleston South Carolina late in January. The reaction resulted in the cancellation by this group, who are part of the Anglican Church …

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Ordinations in Hungary – December 1-3, 2023

During the first weekend of Advent, the Hungarian clergy together with Abbot Michael Maier OPR of the St. Severin Monastery met for three days in Budapest for meetings and ordinations by Bishop Ottar Mikael Myrseth on his first visit to the Nordic Catholic Church in Hungary. On December 1st, four new deacons were ordained in …

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Calvin Robinson Ordained to the Priesthood

Bishop Roald Commissions Crusader for his English Team Members of the Nordic Catholic Church in England have been enthusiastically looking forward to the ordination of Calvin Robinson that took place in London on November 4th. Most of us are warriors from the 1970’s to 1990’s and much in need of the youthful courage that Father …

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Meditations on the Images and Marks of the Church – Parts 1-5

Fathers Geoffrey Neal and Edward Bryant of the NCC UK Administration have launched a series of web meditations on the images and marks of the Church that have underpinned an orthodox vision, with the following main themes: The Church, the Creation and Gift of Christ The Church as Bride and Mother Church The Church Catholic …

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