Extra-ordinary People

Sunday Before Lent

Mark 1,40-45

In January, our reflections examined God’s ‘Warfare Strategy’ against the Dark Powers of Evil, and we found the Epiphany was like ‘unwrapping’ God’s Christmas Gift of His Incarnate Son to the world. That Strategy needed at first to be kept Secret – to be revealed only bit-by-bit, and only to those who, like Mary had first willingly given their personal answer, Amen-Yes, to God’s invitation to become His fellow worker in putting His Plan into practice. Next we see the wide range of God’s choice of other fellow workers: men and women; a carpenter; some fishermen; a tax collector; young and elderly; locals, and others from far away.

Then, compare their Amen-Yes of the first disciples with that of people today, when told that God not only created them, but has also created a unique and critical part for them to learn and take part in His Redemption Drama.

Florian Prischl, Public domain

People today often say, “I’m sure God would never choose me to do His work – I’m not skilled, or learned, or clever, or holy enough” or worse still, by playing what they mistakenly imagine is their ’Trump Card’: “I’m just too ordinary for that.” In God’s sight there are no ‘ordinary’ people. We are all uniquely designed by God, and of inestimable value to Him in “working his purpose out”. Anyway, God isn’t looking for ordinary people, but extra-ordinary ones, who will say their Amen-Yes to His call, just as Mary and her colleagues did. Any idea that we are ‘just ordinary’ is a big fat self-deception; it’s also an insult to our Creator! If God took all that trouble to form us in our mother’s womb, and even more trouble to ‘manifest’ Himself to us, through His Son, our Saviour and Redeemer, who are we to think ourselves as ‘ordinary’? Our everyday speech and attitudes prove we don’t think anything of the sort; and worse still, we imagine God approves of such false humility!

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