A Swedish Benedict Option

‘Gammalkatolsk idédebatt’ and the Nordic Catholic Church in International Press

After having published a presentation of Rod Dreher’s recent book The Benedict Option in the article “Christians as minority saved out of barbarism” on Gammalkatolsk idédebatt (Old Catholic Debate Forum), Fr Franciskus Urban found his blog and The Nordic Catholic Church mentioned in The American Conservative by no less than the senior editor and author of the book in question.

In his reportage Rod Dreher even provides a translation from Swedish of an earlier post on the blog called “San Francisko – the small Church Village. A vision for survival”, letting the reader understand that what Fr. Franciskus Urban presents actually is a living example; an option for Christians. As Dreher links to The Nordic Catholic Church along with Gammalkatolsk idédebatt we assume that this is what he also has in mind when writing “A Swedish Benedict Option”.

Naturally, this applies not only to Sweden but for all countries where The Nordic Catholic Church is active. Bishop Roald Nikolai, who is well acquainted with the vision and program presented in The Benedict Option, says that it confirms our mission as bearer of the heritage of the Old Catholic movement and the faith and teachings of the undivided Church.

The full reportage by Rod Dreher can be found here:

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