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A Swedish Benedict Option

‘Gammalkatolsk idédebatt’ and the Nordic Catholic Church in International Press After having published a presentation of Rod Dreher’s recent book The Benedict Option in the article “Christians as minority saved out of barbarism” on Gammalkatolsk idédebatt (Old Catholic Debate Forum), Fr Franciskus Urban found his blog and The Nordic Catholic Church mentioned in The American …

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Glimpses from celebrations in France

In September 2015 Bishop Roald Nikolai visited two of the NCC parishes in France – Prieuré St. Charbel at Lye in the Loire valley and Prieuré Sainte-Marie at the foot of the Pyrénées. At St. Charbel one recently baptised member, Laetitia, was chrismated during Sunday mass. It was a moving ceremony surrounded by members and …

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New Priest and Subdiacon in Germany

During the Bishop’s visit to Germany in the beginning of February, Dr. Frederik Irenäus Herzberg, former Anglican priest, was conditionally ordained to the priesthood on Saturday February 6th. Fr. Frederik will serve the newly established community of St. Willibrord in Düsseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen. At the same occasion Mr. Thomas Schulze was installed as subdeacon to serve …

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Fr. Franciskus Urban Admitted to the Novitiate in the Order of Port Royal

The 18th of October was an important day for the Nordic Catholic Church. In a ceremony during Sunday mass at St. Nicholas mission in Karlskrona, Fr. Franciskus Urban was received as novice in St. Severin’s Abbey by the Abbot, P. Michael Maier. St. Severin’s Abbey, located in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, has been part of the Nordic …

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The Church of the Future

The collapse of faith in Western society is clear. No less palpable is the cultural collapse around us. The fragmentation of society has imprisoned the individual in “the culture of narcissism“. For the Christian an additional problem is that the moral disorientation is correlated with the destruction of the Christian patrimony. Christianity and Culture Concerned …

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Metropolitan Cleopas visits Oslo

On March 28th, during his visitation to the Greek Orthodox parish in Oslo, Metropolitan Cleopas was invited to a meeting with the Christian Council of Norway (Churches Together). His Eminence Cleopas, Exarch of the Constantinople Patriarchate in Scandinavia, conveyed greetings from Patriarch Bartholomeus and gave a challenging speech urging the need for a strenghtened and …

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The NCC – Member Church of the Christian Council of Norway

At the Council meeting on March 16th, the Nordic Catholic Church was unanimously received as full member of the Christian Council of Norway. Here is link to the press release (in Norwegian) on the Council’s website: “Welcomes a new member church.”

Thinking of Epiphany and Theosis

In the post Christmas season of Epiphany, we think of the manifesting of God in the person and life of Jesus Christ, but the early fathers went deeply into the consequences for salvation for those who walk in the way and life of God. Origen in his meditation on the beatitude six, Blessed are the …

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A Way Forward – NCC UK Administration Launched

Over the past years I have been approached by people from the United Kingdom asking me what the Nordic Catholic Church can offer to help disaffected Anglo Catholics. After a period of consulting with different constituencies and with the blessing of Most Reverend Anthony Mikovsky, Archbishop of the Union of Scranton, I have taken steps …

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Olavus Coronatus per Martyriam

As we are approaching the Solemnity of St. Olaf on July 29, it must be said that the memory of the patron saint of Norway is very much alive. He is still a part of our cultural heritage in the Nordic countries and this year we celebrate the millennium of his baptism in Rouen i …

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Solemnity of the Resurrection of the Lord

                Pontifical Mass celebrated in St. John the Baptist Mother Parish, Oslo.  

Two New Deacons Ordained in Germany

On Saturday March 15th Bishop Roald Nikolai ordained two new deacons for the German Administra- tion of The Nordic-Catholic Church. The ordinations took place in the Chapel of St. Severin, the Cister- cian Monastery in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria. From left: Abbot Michael Maier OPR, Deacon Dietholf Schröder, Bishop Roald Nikolai, Deacon Friedrich Hartmann OPR and Fr. …

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