Bishop-Elect Jaroslaw Rafalko consecrated on September 14th at St. Stanislaus Cathedral

The consecration of Bishop Jaroslaw Rafalko, elected bishop of the Western Diocese of the Polish National Catholic Church in October last year, was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic and finally set to September 14th, the Solemnity of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, at the St. Stanislaus Cathedral in Scranton. Consecrator was Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky assisted by the PNCC college of bishops. Invited guest of honour was Bishop Kevin Donlon of the Anglican Union. – Bishop Jaroslaw “Jerry” will be installed in his diocese on October 3rd.

On the occasion of his consecration Bishop Roald Nikolai welcomed Bishop Jaroslaw by the following greeting on behalf of the Nordic Catholic Church:

Dear Brother in the Episcopate!

Regretting very much that the corona virus pandemic makes it impossible to take part in your consecration, I am bound in this way to express our sincere greetings on behalf of the Nordic Catholic Church.

We assure you of our prayers and look very much forward to spiritual friendship and practical cooperation in the future. With your Polish background we hope you will find opportunity to take part in our European activities and in this way strengthen our mutual bonds across the Atlantic!

Bishop-Elect Ottar Mikael Myrseth joins me in this heartfelt salutation!

In Christ our Saviour,
+ Roald Nikolai Flemestad

* * *

Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky with newly consecrated Bishop Jaroslaw Rafalko and co-consecrating Bishops (from left to right: Bernard Nowicki, John Mack, Paul Sobiechowski and John Swantek)

Bishop Jaroslaw Rafalko with consecrators, chaplains and invitee

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