Catholic Affinity

On Saturday 22th February 2020 the third ecumenical meeting between The Nordic Catholic Church (NCC UK) and The Anglican Catholic Church (ACC UK) was hosted by the latter in the proCathedral, St. Augustine, near Canterbury. Since last March these meetings have mirrored the Union of Scranton convocation program for a renewed Catholicity in the United States between the ACC and other Anglican jurisdictions and the PNCC.

After a Votive Mass for Christian Unity celebrated by Bishop Damien Mead and with homily by Bishop Roald Nikolai Flemestad, lunch was served in the Parish Hall. The lively conversation at table was followed by a more formal – but not less cordial – discussion in the church where the two bishops in dialogue introduced the talks giving their evaluation on how we are to counter the challenge from the overwhelming pressure from the secular culture around us.

In the current situation we must learn to relate to the world as it is today. Therefore, time has come to clarify the issues, to formulate the problems and to discuss this in the light of the priorities given in our Catholic identity. These challenges will be on the agenda at our coming meetings.

A reportage with more pictures is available on the ACC UK website here.

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