Fr. Franciskus Urban Admitted to the Novitiate in the Order of Port Royal

Abbot and novice -2

The 18th of October was an important day for the Nordic Catholic Church. In a ceremony during Sunday mass at St. Nicholas mission in Karlskrona, Fr. Franciskus Urban was received as novice in St. Severin’s Abbey by the Abbot, P. Michael Maier.

St. Severin’s Abbey, located in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, has been part of the Nordic Catholic Church in Germany since January 2012 (see reportage in Norwegian from the event here).

The Abbey is an ecumenical Cistercian monastery in the Order of Port Royal and based upon the rule of St. Benedict: ora, lege et labora.


Fr. Franciskus Urban will continue to serve his flock in Karlskrona, but will periodically stay in the monastery.

More information and pictures can be found on the websites of St. Severin’s Abbey.

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