Glimpses from the Bishop’s International Conference at Gran, Norway – 4-6 August 2017

During the first weekend of August the Nordic Catholic Church arranged a conference at Gran outside Oslo. About 35 representatives from different areas where the church is active were joined by guests including Prime Bishop Anthony Mikovsky and Fr. Sr. Robert Nemcovich from the PNCC, as well as Bishop Kevin Donlon from the AMiA (The Anglican Mission in the Americas). The main purpose of the gathering was to discuss the theological basis and ecclesial organisation of a non-papal catholic structure in Europe and beyond. A follow-up conference is planned for next year.

Another reason for the meeting was to develop bonds of friendship and a spirit of communality. This fellowship was also expressed in the rich liturgical life which was unfolded in the medieval church of St. Nicholas near the conference center.

Sunday’s sermon by Fr. Geoffrey Neal is available via this link.
There is also a meditation by Bishop Kevin Donlon from the visit at Gran available here.

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