New Deacons and Subdeacons in the Nordic Catholic Church

Over the past few months, the Nordic Catholic Church has progressed further in building our Catholic orders. We are enriched and thankful for the addition of four new deacons and two subdeacons. In particular we pray for God’s blessing on these vital ministries, so close to the heart of our Saviour and the building of his body on earth.

New deacon and subdeacon at Our Saviour’s Parish, Stockholm

On august 27th in the Chapel of Our Lady Subdiakon Ansgar Mattias was ordained to the deaconate by Bishop Roald Nikolai who at the same occasion installed Lector Björn Holmqvist as subdeacon.

More information is available on the Stockholm website.


International ordinations to the deaconate near Lake Constance

With participation of family, friends and members of the communities in Germany, Switzerland and Italy Bishop Roald Nikolai ordained three deacons on October 28th: Pastoral assistant Ralf Blasberg (Düsseldorf), Subdeacon Volker Schulte (Windisch, Switzerland) and Subdeacon Davide Mossenta (Udine, Italy). The ordinations took place in Oberhomberg, the Liturgies of the Hour and social gatherings in Ebenweiler. Warm thanks for excellent organisation of the church event to the hosts, our Brethren of the Priory of St. Andrew OPR.

Installation of a subdeacon at St. Nicholas mission, Karlskrona

During the Bishop’s traditional visit to St. Nicholas mission for the celebration of its Patron Saint, Mikael Salminen was installed as subdiakon on the Second Sunday of Advent. Mikael who has been member of the Church since start of the mission in Karlskrona in 2013, has served the last years as acolyte.

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