Ordinations in Hungary – December 1-3, 2023

During the first weekend of Advent, the Hungarian clergy together with Abbot Michael Maier OPR of the St. Severin Monastery met for three days in Budapest for meetings and ordinations by Bishop Ottar Mikael Myrseth on his first visit to the Nordic Catholic Church in Hungary.

Dn Balázs, Fr Péter, Dn Zoltán, Abb Michael OPR,
Bp Ottar Mikael, Dn János, Fr Zsolt and Fr Aelred OPR.

On December 1st, four new deacons were ordained in Gyömrő in the outskirts of the city, and the next day, one of them, Fr. Zsolt Szécsi, was ordained to the priesthood. Assisting priests were Fr. Péter Kováts, leader of the Hungarian mission, and Fr. Aelred Széles OPR.

Fr. Zsolt Szécsi will serve as priest and social worker in the town of Gyomaendröd southeast of Budapest. He was joined during the weekend by a group from his community who had taken the several hour long journey to Budapest to attend his ordination.

As for the deacons, János Czifra will work with Fr. Zsolt in Gyomaendröd, while Balázs Kovács will serve a community in Györ west of Budapest and Zoltán Mureșan wants to build a mission among Hungarian-speaking people in the city of Cluj in northwestern Romania.

After both events, bishop, clergy and faithful were invited to a common dinner to celebrate the ordinations. In his greetings, Bishop Ottar Mikael emphasised that across the long distance from his seat in Western Norway to the eastern regions of Hungary, we are one in spirit and of the same mind.

A selection of photos from the services showing Fr. Aelred celebrating in Hungarian, Fr. Péter translating the bishop’s sermon – and at the end of mass, Fr. Zsolt receiving an antimension signed by the bishop.

With warm thanks to all those who made this event possible, we wish God’s blessing on the ministries of the newly ordained and pray for the growing work of the St. Vincent of Lérins’ Mission in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

An album with photographs from the services is available here: Ordinations to the Diaconate and Priesthood in Hungary – December 1-3, 2023.

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