Two New Deacons Ordained in Germany

Diakonvigsling Kaufbeuren 15 mars 2014 - 3 - DSC_0077__reducedOn Saturday March 15th Bishop Roald Nikolai ordained two new deacons for the German Administra- tion of The Nordic-Catholic Church. The ordinations took place in the Chapel of St. Severin, the Cister- cian Monastery in Kaufbeuren, Bavaria.

From left: Abbot Michael Maier OPR, Deacon Dietholf Schröder, Bishop Roald Nikolai, Deacon Friedrich Hartmann OPR and Fr. Thomas Doell.

Deacon Dietholf will serve the community at Karlstadt, and Deacon Friedrich OPR will have his duties in the Cistercian community at Ebenweiler.

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